Nature Talk's Christmas Gift Basket

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Rs. 8,999.00
Rs. 7,199.00

Nature Talk’s Limited Edition Christmas Gift pack is a luxurious gift for anyone who likes to take care of themselves with 100% Natural Skincare.

Beautifully decorated in Christmas theme, this pack includes:

  • 1 X Regenerative Pomegranate Serum 30ml (usually $125),
  • 1 X Rejuvenating Australian Green Clay and Matcha Mask pack (usually $65),
    • Mask Powder 40gm
    • 2 x Activating Liquid 15ml
    • Applicator Brush

Our Regenerative Pomegranate Serum fosters skin repair by fighting free radical.

  • This anti-aging and regenerative facial serum stimulates major cells found in the outer layer of the skin
  • Reverses skin damage
  • Reinvigorates, revives and restores your skin
  • Reveals a more youthful appearance by enhancing your skin elasticity
  • Heals your skin naturally
  • Improves your skin tone
  • Deeply moisturises dry skin

Our Rejuvenating Australian Green Clay and Matcha Facial Mask Kit is especially designed to give you fresh mask for each use. This mask attracts dirt out of the pores and really cleanses the skin while reducing the size of pores. Regular use helps:

  • Remove dead skin
  • It assists in improving signs of aging such as fine line and wrinkles, and age spots
  • It instantly lightens and brightens the skin
  • Your skin will feel instantly tightened, with regular use you’ll notice significant improvement in skin elasticity.

Recommended regime for a cleansed, rejuvenated skin that glows with nourishment:

1. Rejuvenating Australian Green Clay and Matcha Mask, apply for 15 mins, scrub and remove for instantly cleansed pores and tightened skin. 
2. Regenerative Pomegranate Serum, apply 2 drops to each area and your skin will instantly become soft and will glow from nourishment